Spreading happiness since 2018

I've been painting for nearly 15 years, but didn't start showing my work publicly until 2018. I was back in my hometown, helping out my mom, and started toying with the idea of making a small business from my art. My husband, a trained artist, encouraged me and offered advice, and soon I was ready to see if anyone besides my mom would like my watercolors.

So along with my best friend since kindergarten, I set up a booth at the first annual Bacon Festival in Cleveland, Tennessee. And people bought things - people I'd never even met! Many people who stopped by the booth told me my paintings made them smile, and I realized that my work could do more than bring me joy - it could do the same for others. From there, I started selling at other venues and shops, adding magnets and greeting cards to my line. In late 2019, I started working on my Etsy shop in earnest.

I'm always experimenting with new ideas. I start by sketching a concept, then painting drafts until I get one I like. Sometimes I get it right on the first try. Sometimes it takes me 10 drafts and two days. But my method allows me to keep my style free-flowing and whimsical.

For materials, I use 11 x 14 Fabriano 140-pound hot-pressed watercolor paper for my originals because its smooth texture allows for rapid strokes and clean lines. Prints are made on a Canon Pixma Pro 100 with archival inks and acid-free paper, so they'll last for years without fading or yellowing. Magnets and other non-paper items are done at Fuller's Frame Shop in Athens, Tennessee, a small printer that specializes in prints for local artists.

Please stop by often to see the latest work. You can also follow me on Instagram @jami_wise, or use #mossroseart. Thank you for visiting!

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Moss Rose Art
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